Arslan Zirai Ürünler Ltd (also known as Arslan Agricultural Products Co. Ltd.) is a wholesaler company specialized in collection, processing, producing and exporting Turkish origin agricultural products. Our founder, who is the current manager, and all the staff are experts on this market since 1985.

With such long years of experiences, our main aim is to supply high quality products and best service to our customers.

Our plant is located in İzmir and set up on an area of 5.500m2 with four cold storages, two of which have the capacity of refrigerating minus 22ºC, and the others have 0ºC, which cover total 340m2. Along with these cold storages, our plant includes a block shock at minus 38ºC.

All our products are controlled with diligent selection processes, which begin with the purchase of raw materials directly from their area of origin. These well selected raw materials are then ready for further sections such as selection, sorting and cleaning which are performed in accordance with the standards of the HACCP Method.